Author: Hannah Richey

I'm Hannah Richey, editor-in-chief of Kaleidoscope. I'm a senior philosophy major and double minoring in criminal justice and sociology. I love to write about politics and current events. When I'm not writing I can be found reading sociology and philosophy books or watching cooking videos (but never actually in the kitchen). You can contact me at

Hannah Richey Opinion UAB’s inclusion of a pass/fail option is an important step in what students need in order to be successful in this unprecedented emergency, but the job isn’t done yet. UAB student Michael McMillan introduced a petition on March 19 demanding pass/fail grades for the Spring 2020 semester and five days later the school responded with an opt-in system for pass/fail. This is just a number of steps the university has to take to help students succeed with the switch to online and loss of jobs for students. USGA also introduced an emergency grant for students affected by COVID-19. This is a $500 aid opportunity…

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